Top 5 Skin-Care Trends To Try In 2024 

Magazine and celebrity endorsements were once required for a beauty trend to go mainstream. Now, TikTok is the place for learning about the latest skin-care trends – but not all of them are worth the time (and some can be straight-up damaging to your skin). Here are a few of the best skin-care trends to come out of the social media space and how to try them yourself.

1. Skin Flooding

This skin trend is ideal for dry, flaky complexions—especially in the winter. It involves “flooding” the skin with hydrating, moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and fatty acids. After cleansing your skin, drench your skin with a mist like Back To Earth Skin Glow Facial Mist. When your skin is still damp, pat on a nourishing serum that’s filled with soothing ingredients like vitamin E, rosehip, and evening primrose. Again, before your skin has absorbed your serum, seal it in with a protective cream like Back To Earth Skin Glow Daily Moisturizer.

2. Glass Skin Trend

A beauty concept that originated in Korea, “glass skin” refers to a complexion that looks smooth, poreless, and luminous. And the only way to get anywhere close to this ideal is to have skin that’s healthy. It involves being consistent and diligent with your skin-care routine: cleansing in the morning, removing makeup at night, exfoliating at least once per week, wearing sunscreen every single day, and using anti-inflammatory, glow-inducing ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, green tea, geranium oil, and carrot tissue oil, plus a nourishing cream.

3. Laminated Skin Trend

This trend is all about mimicking the look of wet or sweaty skin. It involves prepping the skin with an ultra-nourishing moisturizer, then melting your foundation into your skin when it’s still moist from your cream. Finish off the look with a hydrating spray and skip setting powders, which tend to give skin a matte effect. This look embraces dewiness and shine.

4. Skin-Care Patches

From under-eye masks to pimple stickers, patch-based skin care is having a moment. Patches that you place over your dark circles and crow’s feet can provide temporary brightening and plumping effects, whether you use the disposable kind or place a reusable patch over your eye cream. The biggest perk of pimple stickers, on the other hand, is that they stop you from picking or popping blemishes. Hydrocolloid patches may also reduce redness and speed healing.

5. Red Light Therapy

There are many types of light therapy now available at dermatologist and medi-spa offices or via at-home LED masks. Red light therapy is probably the buzziest and is said to boost collagen production and reduce inflammation, which ultimately minimizes redness, hyperpigmentation, and acne. If you decide to purchase an LED mask for at-home use, look for one that sits comfortably on your face and only place it on freshly cleansed skin.

It’s fun to dabble in new skin-care trends, but don’t try them all at once or your skin could become irritated. Already dealing with irritation? It’s time to try a skinimalism, a.k.a. the simple skin-care routine.