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Glow Eye Cream

Glow Eye Cream
Glow Eye Cream
Glow Eye Cream

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Glow Eye Cream

Restore, nourish, and alleviate dark circles.
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A daily eye cream to help restore tired, dry and puffy eyes. Dedicated for the delicate skin around eyes, it helps alleviate dark circles and leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturized.

MMC ComplexTM: Formulated with our proprietary MMCTM and a curated blend of coffee extract, calendula flower extract, camellia seed oil, carrot tissue oil, cornflower extract, matricaria extract, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, wheat germ oil, and niacinamide to help in skin recovery, provide hydration, reduce dark circles, fight signs of aging, and promote radiant looking skin.

Made with our commitment to your best skin health.

28 Ingredients
Size: 0.5 fl. oz | 15 mL

Ingredient Purpose & Benefits
AquaUniversal solvent used in skincare to help skin feel hydrated and nourished.
Caffeine/Coffea Arabica (Coffe) Seed Extract/Lecithin EcoslimTM: patented coffee extract and vegetable caffeine known to help reduce dark circles.
Calendula Officinalis Flower ExtractCommonly known as Calendula flower extract, it is known for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to calm, soothe and recovery of the skin.
Camellia Oleifera Seed OilCommonly referred to as Camellia seed oil, it is known to help replenish skin and fight signs of aging.
Carotenoids / Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil / Tocopherol / Ascorbyl PalmitateCommonly referred to as Carrot Tissue oil, it is known to be rich in vitamins to help provide radiant complexion.
Centaurea Cyanus Flower ExtractCommonly referred to as Cornflower extract, it is known to help tone and brighten skin complexion.
Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan OlivateOlivem® 1000: a patented natural, biodegradable and COSMOS certified emulsifier from olive oil.
Cetyl AlcoholA natural thickener from plants.
Chamomilla Recutita ExtractCommonly known as Matricaria extract, it is known to help promote skin recovery and protect the skin.
ClayProprietary Mineral Microbiome ClayTM, known for its unique rich mineral composition to help promote skin health.
DL Bio Enzyme-SubstrateA plant-based humectant to help bind moisture to skin.
Hyaluronic AcidKnown to help increase moisture and help reduce fine lines.
Lactoperoxidase / Glucose Oxidase Aromatic oil from plants.
Magnesium Aluminum SilicateCommonly referred to as Bentonite clay, it is known to help cleanse impurities from the skin.
Myristyl MyristateA plant-based emollient from coconut oil.
Oenothera Biennis OilCommonly referred to as Evening Primrose oil, it is known to help reduce skin inflammation and improve overall skin health by improving moisture, elasticity and firmness.
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis OilCommonly referred to as Sweet Almond oil, it is known to be rich in Vitamin A, E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and zinc to help reduce puffiness, improve skin tone, and smooth the skin.
Rosa Canina Fruit OilCommonly referred to as Rosehip oil, it is known to help support collagen production, reduction of wrinkles and prevent dry skin.
TocopherolCommonly known as Vitamin E. Natural vitamin E from vegetables is known for its antioxidant properties to help nourish and protect the skin.
Triticum Vulgare Germ OilCommonly referred to as Wheat Germ oil, it is known to help protect and add moisture to the skin.
Vegetable GlycerinVegetable fats to help provide moisture and hydration to skin.
Vitamin B3 NiacinamideCommonly referred to as Niacinamide, it is known to help build cells in the skin and protect from external stressors.
1. Apply onto cleansed skin. Place small dots of cream on upper lid just under the eyebrow and well below your lower lash line.

2. Use your finger to gently pat the cream until it is thoroughly absorbed.

3. Use eye cream once in the AM and again in the PM for best results.

WARNINGS: Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water. For topical use only.

We make every effort to minimize our environmental footprint. Our recyclable tubes are made from a mix of biodegradable sugarcane and we skip the excess by using only primary packaging (the tube) and printing our product information directly onto the tube to reduce packaging and labelling waste. Finally, to reduce wasted space during storage and shipping, we use uniquely shaped packaging that stack neatly and limit gaps. This economical use of space reduces our environmental impact (think packing materials used and transportation emissions per shipment) by 25 to 30%.
Exfoliate. Condition. Nourish. Treat
Exfoliate. Condition. Nourish. Treat
Nourishing, soothing and protective moisturizer.
Gently condition, tone, hydrate and cleanse.
Hydrate and nourish for soft and youthful looking skin.
Clarify, nourish and soothe with unique triple clay mask.
Tone, refresh and prep for moisturizing care.