Back To Earth was founded with the belief that Mother Nature’s pure resources are more potent and effective than any chemical substance manufactured in labs. We faithfully formulate all of our products using only 100% Natural and Clean ingredients foraged from Earth’s own abundant riches. One of the key elements in many of our skincare products is Kisolite Mineral Microbiome Clay (MMC). An extraordinarily rare broad spectrum antibacterial clay harvested from the Kismeet Bay Clay Deposit, discovered in the pristine rainforests of British Columbia, Canada.

Scientifically proven and biologically valuable, this non-tidal mineral deposit is believed to have originated from the last Ice Age, when volcanic activity rapidly melted the ice creating this unique colloidal phenomenon. This natural glacial clay is free from contaminants, preservatives or additives and is untainted by environmental pollutants. Making its pure quality unparalleled in its ability to heal and restore our skin’s delicate epidermal layers. MMC contains an abundant wealth of micro-minerals and macro- nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, shown to provide a range of benefits which include protecting your skin from the harmful effects of photodamage, aiding in epithelial tissue growth, collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration.

Back To Earth Skincare is proud to reintroduce you to this natural wonder and its miraculous properties. By incorporating it into many of our formulation, we aim to rejuvenate, brighten and repair the integrity of your skin, leaving it thriving in optimal health. Allowing your natural beauty to always shine through. We feel it’s about time this power house Mineral Microbiome Clay takes center stage in our beauty consciousness.