Facial moisturizers are beauty superheroes, helping to fight back against the signs of aging skin. When we fail to keep our epidermis hydrated it looses elasticity, allowing not only fine lines and wrinkles to creep in but giving you the appearance of dry, dull and lackluster skin. No thank you! Moisturizers work by not only preventing and repairing damage, but by protecting the skin barrier from the pollutants that wreck havoc on our delicate faces.

Back To Earth Skincare understands that whatever your skin type, you need a moisturizer that delivers light weight, soothing hydration, leaving your skin soft and lustrous.

Formulated with 100% Natural and Clean ingredients. Proudly 35 Free, saying NO to parabens, phthalates, silicon, gluten, colorants, etc.

www.35Free. Cruelty free. 100% vegan.