About Us

Back To Earth was created with a simple ethos in mind… We all are deserving of clean skincare that can be trusted to not only deliver healthy, beautiful skin but to do so safely and without compromise. We believe natural beauty comes from natural care.

Our journey began in 2006, in the kitchen of our founder Kiley Routley. With a fascination for natural apothecary, Kiley had a keen understanding of the Earth’s purest ingredients and their healing, restorative powers. Knowing the time honored benefits of natural wellness, Kiley began to research the effects of toxins in our personal care products and asked a simple question, “What are we putting on our bodies?”.

Convinced there was a better alternative to the harmful chemicals found in traditional skincare, Kiley set out to find the answer. Taking inspiration from the natural wonders of her own backyard, Canada’s Okanagan Valley provided the wild crafted herbs, flowers and plants used to create our original formulations. With a team of Naturopaths, Biochemists, Herbalists and Aromatherapists Kiley mastered the art of infusion, blending pure essential oils with these potent plants to create the purest products, using only 100% Natural and Clean ingredients. And so Back To Earth was born.

Today, we remain dedicated to Kiley’s clean beauty mission. Providing you gentle, goal oriented skincare that gives you results you can see and feel. We are proudly 35 Free, meaning we’ve said NO to parabens, phthalates, silicon, gluten, colorants, etc. Learn more about our 35 Free commitment here. True beauty on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside.

Choosing clean wellness is not just about caring for you and your loved ones’ skin but extending that care to the planet we all share. Which is why we are always cruelty free.

Better skin. Better for you. Xo