Oil-Based And Water-Based Facial Serums

Lightweight and easy for skin to absorb, facial serums offer concentrated doses of active ingredients with major benefits. Here’s why it’s time to add a serum your routine and how to choose a format that works for your needs.

The benefits of face serums

Just about all serums will absorb quickly and feel light on your skin. Depending on their ingredients, they may also have these benefits:

  • Protect the skin against UV light and pollution
  • Brighten the skin by breaking down pigmented areas like brown spots
  • Minimize the look of pores and fine lines
  • Hydrate your face for a dewy, plump look
  • Repair the skin and smooth rough texture
  • Soothe irritation

(Product feature of the GLOW Facial Serum)

The difference between oil-based and water-based serums

When choosing a serum that will suit your skin, you’ll want to decide between an oil-based serum and a water-based serum.

  • Oil based: This type of serum is ultra-nourishing and takes a little longer to absorb. Use it in the winter, at night or any time if you have dry skin.
  • Water based: Serums that have a water base are a little bit lighter and work well in the morning when you’re short on time. They’re also a good choice in the summer or if you have oilier skin.

How to use a serum

When you will apply your serum will depend on how many products you use in your routine and whether it’s morning or night. Generally speaking, your steps should go in this order.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Cleanse your face and pat it dry.
  • Exfoliate (two or three times per week).
  • Apply a toner or facial mist.
  • Pat on a thin layer of serum and allow it to dry.
  • Follow with your moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen.

You can apply your serum twice a day or only at night.