Korean Skin-Care Steps You Need To Try For Smooth, Glowy Skin

For many years, South Korea has been a world leader in the realm of skin care and cosmetics. If there’s a beauty craze that’s caught your eye, it likely got its start as a K-beauty trend. The standard Korean skin-care routine is famous for being elaborate and featuring at least 10 steps and products. But even if you don’t want to shell out for the full arsenal (skinimalism is trending, after all!), there’s much to be gained from K-beauty’s methods. Try these Korean skin-care steps next time you do your nighttime routine.

  1. Double Cleanse Your Face: According to the rules of Korean skin care, one cleanse is never enough. Especially before bed, it’s important to apply an oil-based makeup remover to clear away mascara, foundation, and sunscreen. After rinsing, wash up with a second cleanser. This two-step system means your face will be truly free of makeup, oil, and debris and will be ready to absorb the ingredients from your other skin-care products like serums and moisturizers.
  2. Tap In Your Serums And Moisturizers—Don’t Rub: Be gentle with your skin. That means patting your face dry with a towel instead of scrubbing it and tapping your products into your skin instead of tugging. The skin is especially delicate around the eyes and lips, so be extra mindful when touching those areas. Patting the products in also helps them to absorb.
  3. Be Mindful Of Product Order: It really does matter which order you apply your serums, lotions, and creams! After removing makeup and cleansing, tap on your products from thinnest to thickest. Though you might not use every single one of these products, the general order should be as follows:
  4. Give Yourself A Face Massage: One of the top Korean skin-care steps that’s also popular in France is the face massage. Apply an oil or silky serum to your face and sculpt it with a smooth, hard tool like a jade roller or Gua Sha. Pay special attention to your neck and jawline and move toward your lymph nodes (located near the collarbone, below the chin and behind the ears) to drain excess fluid. This technique is known as lymphatic drainage.
  5. Practice Face Yoga: The Korean version of face yoga that’s touted to improve circulation to combat mouth sagging involves saying your vowels out loud in an exaggerated way. Repeat “A, E, I, O, U” several times, moving your lips as dramatically as possible.